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1915 Armenian Lies

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Sunday, April 10 at 3PM – 7PM
Georgia Tech
759 Ferst Drive NW
Building #055
Instriction Center Room 205
Atlanta GA 30318

FREE & Open To The Public

(Seating is limited and Reservation Required)

Please e-mail to reservations@tacaga.org

3:00 PM Mehmet Perincek Lecture
3:30 PM Film Screening
5:00 PM Q&A with Mehment Perincek and Serkan Koc
“1915 in Armenian Documents” is a documentary which reveals the history of 1915, when the Ottoman Empire was struggling for its very existence and foes were pressing on all sides. 1915 documents the inhumanity of war and suffering, armed rebellion and the demise of an empire during World War I.

Serkan Koc, who directed the documentary, says 1915 is a factual recounting of events by witness testimony. It is a product of extensive archival research that sheds light on a dark time in history.

The Turkish American Cultural Association of Georgia is proud to present this film. The film DVD will be on sale.


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