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Dear Members and Friends of the Turkish American Cultural Association of Georgia:

It is indeed a great pleasure to announce to all of you that the Association has formed a new
Executive Board following an election period. It is the utmost desire and will of all the new
members to reach out to all the Turkish and American friends in the region. We are ready
to embrace all our members, past and present, and our American friends so as to ensure the
continuity of our Association with your support.

Participation of all of you in all future activities to take place is our priority. To achieve this,
we, as the new Executive Board, are open to all suggestions and comments. We believe that
if we stand together, we shall be stronger.

One of the most important days in Turkish history is the day our Republic was founded by
Mustafa Kemal ATATURK on October 29, 1923. This year we shall be celebrating the 89 th
anniversary, and TACAGA has assumed it as its primary mission to organize a Republic
Day Dinner in Atlanta at the Truva Restaurant on October 28, 2012 Sunday at 1:00pm. The
details and invites will be mailed in due course.

It is worthwhile noting here that the first day of one of the religious celebrations of the
Muslim world Kurban Bayram is on October 25 and ends on October 28. Therefore the
Dinner planned at Truva shall give us the opportunity not only to celebrate the 89 th
anniversary of our Republic but also to exchange well wishes on the occasion of the Bayram.

TACAGA would also like to bring it to the attention of the Turkish community living in the
area that Georgia Department of Driver Services is offering the Knowledge Exam in the
Turkish language. Please pass the word around.

In the very near future, the TACAGA website will go under construction, and once it is
completed, the site will give you the chance to contact the members of the Executive Board,
and it will also create a platform to share your thoughts, concerns, ideas, suggestions and
the like.

In order to speed up communication and the dissemination of information, we are planning
to send out everything electronically. However, if you would rather you had these sent via
postal mail, please indicate that as well as updating all your correspondence details on the
membership update form enclosed with this letter. Thank you.

Kindly yours,

President                     Mazlum Kosma    mazkosma@hotmail.com
Vice President              Unal Bozdag        unalbozdag@yahoo.com
Secretary                    Gul Celkan           gcelkan@gmail.com
Treasurer                    Eser Aydin           aydin_eser@hotmail.com
Board Member             Baburhan Gucer   babur@lycos.com
Board Member             Berke Baydu        berkeb@gmail.com
Board Member             Tulin Aydin          htaydin@comcast.net

PS. Currently you can reach the members through their personal emails and TACAGA Facebook page.

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